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The Best Ginseng is Fresh Ginseng!

Fresh Ginseng has 14% more Nutritional Value than dry ginseng, its efficacy, color, and taste is superior to dry ginseng. It can be used in soups, stews, tinctures, and teas!

Fresh ginseng has a sweet taste after cooking, it supports the immune system, and helps strengthen body functions before winter

Our Fresh American Ginseng comes direct from the farm. We hand sort and clean every root and package it tightly so it stays as fresh as possible while it travels to your home.
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Cooking With Fresh Ginseng.

Use fresh ginseng to make tea, with rice, make soups with chicken or beef or pork, and even make ginseng wine by soaking it in liquor or spirits for an extended period of time.

1.) To keep the fresh from the earth quality and protect the product at it‘s max potency, fresh ginseng has a thin topsoil originally from the ground, gently wash before use.

2.) Pictures shown are of the batch being sold, however, the color and shape of the actual Ginseng may vary slightly due to photographic lighting and the nature of produce.

3.) Please note fresh ginseng tends to lose weight quickly after exposed to air. Keep in an airtight container or bag

4.) Fresh American ginseng is not easy to transport, we will try our best to pack it properly. It is normal to have a slight break of ginseng prong. Please understand.

How to Store Fresh Ginseng

When you receive fresh ginseng, there may be slight moisture during transport, please take them out from the bag as soon as possible, dry, resealed and refrigeration again. keep dry. They can keep fresh for 10 days while refrigeration. Fresh ginseng like fresh fruits, for freshness, please have them as soon as possible. If you can not eat them all, they can be stored in the refrigerator freezer. When cooking them, directly put the frozen ginseng into the pot stew.

Ship To US address ONLY

Fresh American ginseng can only be sent to the US address due to customs restrictions and preservation requirements.

And fresh American ginseng can not be carried back to China as well. Fresh American ginseng is not dried, and the surface is covered with thin soil. It is generally considered as life stock, and most custom will have issues with life stock items, including China custom.

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